Henan liying environmental technology co. LTD

  Long-term development strategy planning

  (1) guiding ideology: "harmless treatment of medical waste to benefit future generations".

  (2) the strategic positioning: committed to the medical waste disposal equipment research and development, cooperation, investment and technology promotion, to provide application platform for the mature technology, cooperation platform for medical waste disposal operator in the world.

  (iii) overall objectives:

  Business goals: 1) market by equipment sales, project operation, emergency disposal, a variety of business model project cooperation, strive to become a world famous environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises and professional environmental protection project of operating companies.

  2) technical research and development goals: constantly explore new areas of medical waste disposal industry, develop new medical waste disposal technologies such as plasma, lead the industry and occupy the frontier of technology.

  3) capital market goal: to realize domestic main board market by 2020.






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