Hello, I would like to welcome you to liying environmental protection official website on behalf of the staff of river company.

  Here, we sincerely thank every friend who has been concerned about the environmental protection of liying, because it has always been your understanding and trust, concern and support, and it has been able to develop steadily. Profits and environmental protection performance of today, is the social from all walks of life at all levels and friends over the years, concern and support the leadership of the results, all the profits are the crystallization of hard, struggle, embodies the everybody's wisdom and sweat, is worth the benefit people gratified and proud, and continue to strive for it.

  All the time, liying has always adhered to the concept of integrity, pragmatism, innovation and management. Innovation is the driving force of the enterprise, quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, the integrity is the foundation of the enterprise. Through enterprise development, further drive industrial structure adjustment and product structure adjustment. With excellent talent team, advanced research technology and scientific management structure; In line with the principle of responsibility for the disposal of medical waste and the satisfaction of customers, we can accelerate the development of enterprises and serve the society better.

  In this era full of opportunities and challenges, we will, as always, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, contributing to society" corporate purposes, one step at a time, with the world first-class enterprise as the goal, strive for environmental protection cause.

  Finally, li ying sincerely welcomes all circles of society and colleagues to develop and cooperate with us.






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