Research results of microwave sterilization equipment for medical waste

  The researchers used the unique advantages of microwave with steam sterilization, developed a series of MDU stationary and mobile medical waste microwave sterilization equipment series products, has the complete intellectual property rights and core technology, equipment has high sterilization rate, quality stable and reliable, and the advantages of small footprint. Processing capacity of up to 300-800 kg per hour, on behalf of the tested strains of bacillus subtilis killing rate more than 99.99%, VOC, odorous pollutants emissions, less than 3 g, no liquid waste, high automatic degree and the single operation. The market was quickly recognized by the market.

  Research and development of medical waste carbonization equipment

  Gasification carbide is more popular in the international in recent years a way of waste disposal, due to contamination of the gasification technology has the ideal control effect and energy efficiency, thus is regarded as a replacement for the burning of new processing technology, the technology through several traditional, mature technology, created a new technological process, the foreign developed countries regard it as the third generation of waste treatment technology development.

  My company researchers focus on research for the medical waste carbide technology, made a periodic technology achievement, developed a set with medical waste carbonization process and waste water waste gas treatment technology, to master the art of secondary pollution control, and design the carbonation equipment, production of the prototype.

  Research and development of medical waste disposal products chain

  The company is committed to provide with a full set of equipment for the production of medical waste disposal capacity building, developed many type microwave disinfection technology form a complete set of equipment, medical wastes can provide medical waste specializing in the production of workshop design, as well as wastewater treatment, turnover box, automatic cleaning, car exhaust gas collection processing solutions and the corresponding production equipment, formed a one-stop for new medical waste disposal center project's ability to provide equipment and services.






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