Company always believe that talent is the key for the company development, talent is the first full environmental technology forever commitment, particularly in the construction of environmental protection research and development team with input, at present, the company is engaged in technology research and development personnel 20 people, senior title 4 people (including doctoral students to recognize 2), intermediate title 7, 2 people overseas experts.

  Profits in henan province environmental protection science and technology co., LTD., research and development team on the basis of the research and development and design, with independent intellectual property rights as the core, improve technical strength, has special research and development center, formed the enterprise research and development as the core, each department, the department of engineering work involved in research and development and implementation of technology popularization system of two levels of research and development, based on the microwave sterilization technology to provide solutions for medical waste disposal industry.

  In recent years, the cooperation between the company and China university of mining and technology has yielded encouraging results. Special development of non-standard equipment, such as the development of microwave medical waste disinfection equipment; The sterilization index and environmental protection index are excellent, the worker operating environment is obviously superior to other equipment, the performance is the noise is small, the odor is small, the operation is simple. Great improvement in the working environment of the industry. Because the emission of waste gas from r&d equipment is very low compared with other non-incineration technologies, it has a relatively good operating environment with low stink, low noise and simple operation. More importantly, through this form of cooperation, the technical team has been trained to make a group of technical talents stand out.






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