The 2018 working conference of Jinsha County Liying Medical Waste Disposal Co., Ltd. was successfully held

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Jinsha County Liying Medical Waste Disposal Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Henan Liying Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., held the 2018 annual work conference and fire safety training meeting on March 3, 2018. The participants were: Zhang Zhibing, Wang Tao Li Wei, Bai Gang, Luo Jun, Feng Shiwen, Bai Jiawang.



First of all, at the meeting, Manager Zhang Zhibing summarized the work of the Jinsha project in 2017, pointed out the shortcomings in the work in 2017 and the aspects that need improvement, and put forward rectification opinions on the shortcomings in the work. Then, the members of the meeting each expressed their opinions and communicated the relevant connection problems in the follow-up work. Everyone said that they will continue to maintain a close and united working atmosphere, continue to carry forward the working spirit of the old ox, and contribute their strength to the company.

Secondly, Manager Zhang also planned and deployed the work in 2018. The specific requirements were: strict safety management, refinement of accounts, responsibility to people, in order to make the company more standardized operation, do the details work.

Third, the technical backbone Bai Jiawang made a detailed explanation on the repair and maintenance of the equipment and the operation instructions on the spot. The personnel present at the scene carefully studied and basically mastered the operation essentials of equipment maintenance and repair, and timely repaired the equipment in time. Solve the technical problems and do a good job in the preliminary work.

Fourth, the security guards gave systematic training and explanations on the employees' own safety and the safety management of the plant area, and did a fire drill. It not only improves the safety awareness of employees in the work, but also provides both theoretical and practical support for further 100% safe production.

We believe that in the passionate 2018, each operating subsidiary will continue to sail and move further.

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