Congratulations on the successful holding of Liying Annual Meeting

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New Year is coming, Vientiane is updated! We bid farewell to the challenging and prosperous 2017, ushered in 2018 years of hope and pioneering. On February 11th, 2018, the weather was clear and cloudless, the sun was warm and hustle and bustle, and our Li Ying people ushered in the smooth convening of the Li Ying Annual Meeting.


Project managers, sales personnel, colleagues from Zhengzhou subsidiaries, and colleagues from Tianjin subsidiary all came together to participate in the “great gathering” of Li Ying. Today, Liying people get together to review the bumper harvest and fruit of 2017 and jointly look forward to 2018 with hopes and challenges.


 First of all, the first part of the conference - Du Zong's New Year message, Du stressed: Every achievement and every progress made by Liying Company embodies the hard work and wisdom of Liying employees. The crystallization of hard work and hard work. The achievements and honors of the interests deserve the satisfaction and pride of all the profiters and continue to work hard for them. Everyone applauded their respective determination.


Then, the second part of the conference - Sun Zong read out the selection notice for outstanding employees, and held an award ceremony.


Then, the third part of the conference - General Manager Du Feng read out the awards to Chen Zhengli and held an award ceremony.


Finally, the chairman of the board of directors announced the announcement of the appointment of Sun Shulai, Huang Lei, Liu Hui, and Comrade Xingguo and made a concluding speech.


The chairman said: In 2018, we Liying people should continue to work together to create a brilliant era of profit and prosperity. In order to achieve the goal of "technology first, management first, scale first", we will continue to work hard and let us all Liying people continue to work hard, unite and forge ahead, and continue to struggle for environmental protection! Create brilliant for the development of Lee Ying! Finally, I wish you all the best in the new year! Healthy body! Happy family!


 After the meeting, Li Ying people gathered together and filmed the Li Ying family portrait.

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