Hazardous waste project manager

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the preparatory work for the construction of medical waste disposal project, and cooperate with relevant departments to complete the planning, environmental assessment, land and other early work;

  2. Carried out overall control and guidance on project technology, and presided over the construction of investment, operation and management of the project according to law;

  3. To negotiate and communicate with the government and related agencies and partners;

  4. Set up the operation management team of the project company and complete the annual financial and non-financial index tasks assigned by the group company;


  1. Major in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, bachelor's degree or above;

  2. Engaged in hazardous waste disposal project for more than 3 years, familiar with medical waste treatment technology, project management, construction site service, etc.;

  3. Be good at communication and have business skills and experience in cooperation with government and related institutions;

  4. Familiar with the regulations and policies of hazardous waste disposal industry;

  5. Be able to adapt to different working environments and independently complete the work of the project company.

  Board secretary

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating the relationship between the company and investors, receiving investors' visits, answering investors' inquiries and providing relevant information to investors;

  2. Prepare and submit documents to the board of directors and shareholders of the proposed committee in accordance with the statutory procedures for the preparation of the board meetings and shareholders' meetings;

  3. Responsible for the confidential work related to the disclosure of company information, and the confidentiality measures shall be formulated to encourage all members of the company's board of directors and related insiders to keep secrets before the official disclosure of relevant information;

  4, is responsible for the warehousing company register of shareholders, directors, shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior managers of the information equity holding company and the board of directors, documents and records of meetings of the shareholders' meeting, etc.

  5. Assist directors, supervisors and senior managers in information disclosure related laws and regulations.


  1. I have more than 3 years of similar work experience, and have the qualifications of directors of listed companies;

  2. Have the experience of listed company management planning, familiar with the capital management and operation of listed enterprises;

  3. Strong communication, organization, analysis, judgment and macro-control ability.

  Environmental engineer

  I. job responsibilities

  1. Coordinated and organized the technical work of various consulting units, design institutes, subsidiaries and functional departments of the project;

  2. Responsible for the construction, feasibility study, design, eia consultation service units and other reporting units, and organize the audit of the company;

  3. Responsible for coordinating and handling the environmental direction of project construction and operation management;

  4. Other work assigned by the superior.

  Ii. Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in environmental science and engineering;

  2. More than 5 years' experience in construction management or technical management of environmental projects (hazardous waste disposal);

  3. Familiar with the process and technical points of hazardous waste disposal (medical waste) and familiar with the process equipment;

  4. Strong communication and coordination, problem decision making ability, able to undertake greater work pressure;

  5. Proficient in CAD design and office system software.

  Senior sales manager

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for market research and industry dynamic collection in designated areas;

  2. According to the sales policies and marketing strategies formulated by the company, complete the business targets issued by the company;

  3. Responsible for establishing benign government relations and customer relations.


  1. Graduated from college or above, majored in mechanical, electrical, environmental engineering, etc.

  2. Have good comprehensive management quality, strong interpersonal relationship and maintenance ability of public relations;

  3. Love sales work, have strong anti-pressure ability, and adapt to the working status of frequent business trips;

  4. Experience in hazardous waste disposal industry is preferred.






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